Tirth Purohit and Panda Samaj will join Digital India, your genealogy will be online soon


Tirth Purohits and Panda Samaj from Tirth Raj in Prayagraj have decided to join Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign. Pilgrim priests have now started to digitize the genealogy of their hosts. A website and mobile application have been developed by the Kulvriksh Company to record genealogy data online.

After scanning, information from multiple generations will be available with just a few clicks. With this, priests will no longer have to record genealogy in the old traditional way of writing books and keeping thousands of them for years to come. At the same time, with one click, guests sitting abroad will also be able to get complete information about their genealogy.

The website, www.kulvriksh.org and the Kulvriksha mobile app were prepared by the Kulvriksha Company, which according to their website is India’s premier genealogy and family history platform.

Pradeep Pandey and Deepu Mishra are the first pilgrim priests to digitize Lord Shri Ram’s genealogy from Kulvriksha’s existing website and mobile app.

According to pilgrimage priest Dipu Mishra, in Prayagraj the lineage of King Dasharath of Ayodhya and his son Lord Shri Ram is present with the pilgrimage priests of Prayagraj, while the family of the country’s first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has a genealogy here. The genealogy of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Swami Karpatri Maharaj is also present with the priests of the pilgrimage.

Equipment available on the site

According to Pramod Mishra, the technical manager of Kulvriksha, this website will prove to be very effective for present and future generations. The website can not only keep an account of your ancestors, but you can also record your daily activities.

The genealogy recorded here will appear in the form of a family tree in which, in addition to the names of the family members, you will also be able to see their details, including photographs. According to representatives of the total tree, pilgrim priests will also become high-tech with this type of use.

Simultaneously, after joining the Kulvriksha, people sitting abroad will also get to know their traditions and culture more closely. In addition, you will also be able to obtain any worship or ritual through an online video call from your pilgrimage priests.

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