Vijay Devarakonda’s reaction to #BoycottLiger, says – I’m not afraid of it

Vijay Devarakonda and Ananya Pandey’s upcoming film, Liger, is constantly making headlines. The film’s song “Afat” went viral with the release, but in the meantime the hashtag #BoycottLiger also started trending on social media, after which the wave of concern was clearly visible among the creators. Let us tell you that in recent days all Bollywood movies were boycotted after which its effect on the movie industry was clearly visible.

What is the reason for the boycott?
In such a situation, users who now tweet on the hashtag #BoycottLiger give different reasons to boycott Liger. One user said Karan Johar’s production house was behind the boycott of the film, while another said Vijay Devarakonda worked with the Bollywood actress.

I’m not afraid of the boycott
Now Vijay Devarakonda’s reaction has come regarding this whole matter. In a chat with The Indian Express, Vijay Deverakonda said he doesn’t care about the boycott. He said, “I’m not scared because I put my heart and soul into making this movie.”

I have done a lot for the country
Vijay Deverakonda said, “You don’t have to listen to anyone when you’re right.” Vijay Devarakonda said they are all from this country and know what they have done for this country. Vijay said he is not one of those people who tweet against anyone who is just sitting at their computer.