Work is worship: Brave polio workers wade through rainwater to vaccinate children

PESHAWAR: The brave members of a polio team in DI Khan showed an incredible level of perseverance and determination as they risked their lives to wade through chest-deep rainwater to deliver the vaccine to targeted children of Marah Union Council in Tehsil Parva.

A video has gone viral on social media showing three polio workers carrying bags of vaccines and other equipment wading through deep rainwater that accumulated in the Marah region of Tehsil Parva in DI Khan.

The brave team workers reached their target and administered anti-polio drops to the children to protect them from the disease causing permanent disability.

“When work is a cult, DI Khan’s polio teams wade through rainwater to reach children with the vaccine that will save their lives. Incredible level of perseverance. Always inspiring,” commented Dr Shahzad Baig, coordinator of the National Emergency Operations Center in Islamabad.

“They are the true soldiers of humanity who carry on the campaign uninterrupted,” Dr. Baig remarked on his tweeter account.

The video shared on social media received high praise from netizens who appreciated the spirit and bravery of the polio team in putting their lives at risk crossing the accumulated rainwater, which presents also many risks like snake bites and others.

“Currently, a vaccination campaign launched on August 15, 2022 is underway in 29 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to administer polio drops to 6.2 million children through the participation of 5221 teams,” informs an official from the Center for DI Khan district emergency operations.

Speaking to APP when asked not to mention his name, the official informed that there was heavy rain in DI Khan as the vaccination campaign started and we had to postpone the second phase in the district.

The immunization target is Dl Khan is 3.18,000 with half achieved and the rest postponed due to heavy showers.

The first phase was completed with complete success despite heavy rain as all teams reached their target and administered drops.

However, the second phase is postponed for a few days for the safety of our team members who perform their duty with honesty and dedication, without caring about themselves, according to official comments.

He said, “These brave members of the polio team will be honored with letters of appreciation from our senior ranks in recognition of their dedication to duty and bravery.

The official informed that Pakistan was on the verge of becoming polio virus free as for more than a year from January 2021 to April 2022 no polio cases were reported but sudden incidents of infection in North Waziristan affected achievement.

However, he continued, “Moral is high and thanks to the dedication shown by our team members, the polio virus will soon be eliminated from our country.”